Through modern AI based CCTV solutions, our team remotely manages your everyday tasks such as configurations, alarm verifications and the like. By adding an access control layer and security monitoring, our solutions provide for easy and seamless security management.

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) or Video Surveillance is an important part of Security Management. Internet Protocol based CCTV is a highly advanced form of CCTV. An AI based CCTV takes that to the next level where it doesn’t just send and receive data, but also learns to recognise patterns and set off triggers.

A standard IP camera offers better resolution than analog cameras—better picture means better vigilance. Remote Access is an advantage here. One can control the system from a far off place and receive data from the system remotely. City administrators can log in into the security system securely through the web and also see the video feed on mobile devices if needed. Remote support and end-user training are provided by our trained personnel. Having said that, everyday tasks like configurations and alarm verifications can be done without visiting the client site. This paves the way for better management of the system as our authorised technical experts can connect from anywhere and provide support anytime. As the data is not locally stored in a hard disk, it is easy to prevent unauthorised access to the data.