IoT based systems can be used for continuous monitoring of water usage for industrial needs or as part of institutional water supply for domestic purposes. The data collected is used for quick and efficient billing, usage analysis, load balancing, maintenance etc. Through the use of appropriate sensors, the same technology can be adapted for gas and moisture telemetry use cases too. With better access to internet and technology, the volume and severity of cyber threats and attacks increase.
In the interest of keeping the cyber space safe for all businesses and users, regulatory and industry bodies propose and enforce strict compliance requirements. Compliance is just following those rules and meeting those requirements. Cybersecurity compliance means putting in place processes and systems that protect the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of all data and information handled by a business. Though a business needs to comply to these regulations, there still exists a gap between the compliance requirements and the market needs.

Data breaches and malicious attacks can bring an organisation to its knees whether they are complying with regulations or not. At Synoptics we understand that you have to prepare above and beyond what the regulations stipulate. We approach cyber security from this angle and not just as a task for compliance management.