A Software Defined WAN (SD WAN) enables you to make enterprise level modifications to your entire network in one motion. Our managed SD WAN services takes it to the next level by providing 24 x 7 support by our highly trained professionals through our NOCs.

Many types of wireless devices make use of radio frequency (RF) fields like cellular phones, radio ∓ television broadcast stations, satellite communication systems, Bluetooth modules and Wi-Fi. The applications of RF technology are vehicle monitoring, wireless meter reading, access control systems, wireless security system, wireless network, etc.

An access control system manages how a system is accessed by people in your network – for example a door lock system. The wireless security system consists of cameras, sensors and access control devices which are placed in a wireless grid.

In a wireless network, many devices are linked together using a wireless distribution method through which these devices can be monitored and controlled. It enables easy sharing of data and hardware services without cabling. We specialise in providing these RF solutions to better equip your infrastructure for domestic and business operations.