Most contemporary businesses are IT driven and they have networks in place that are readily available to be leveraged for their voice calling requirements. What this means is that their existing networks will be used to make calls through VoIP instead of traditionally used public switched networks.

The cost advantage of moving to VoIP is immediately apparent due to the fact that a network . But there are more advantages that may not be so apparent. For example, a VoIP based system provides flexibility and scalability. Even telecommuting becomes a possibility because now their employees can stay connected to their secure line with just an internet connection.

Extra features that cost extra in traditional phone lines are available for free. VoIP systems are intrinsically scalable and flexible.

Modi Infonet Digital Network Private Limited has provided voice network solutions for clients across the country. Through our advanced NOCs, we also provide round the clock support to our voice networks which are a part of the network systems that we manage.